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Michaele Salahi vs. Whoopi: Host Defends Herself Against Absurd Abuse Claim (VIDEO)

Aug 6th 2010 12:50PM The View is a show that invites guests and then attack and berate their guests. I mean really, it's supposed to be an open forum for everyone and these women are so biased, they get upset if the guest the invited doesnt give the answer they want. This week they did it to Jake Pavelka from the Bachelor and now to Michaele Salahi from Housewives D.C. and in the past they did it to the Jersey Shore cast. I don't think its necessary to attach yours guests because of whatever they are famous or infamous for. Joy Behar looks like she is constipated with that grumpy look on her face when she is attacking a guest and Whoopi just thinks because she is crude, rude and loud she is always rights. I'm surprised Sherri Shephard made the remark that Michaele Salahi should have gone to jail for the White house incident. Are u kidding? How about the White House take responsibility for their lack of security and carelessness. The couple got in after passing several security check points so I don't think they are to be blamed. Shame on the View hosts for being so one sided and attacking their guests. They need to remember that their show will end one day so they might all need to turn to reality tv just like the guests they mock. I mean really, Whoopi used to be a big actress and now she is on the view as a host. Looks like her career tanked so she had no choice.

Say G'day to Jessica Hart, Victoria's Secret's Latest

Oct 2nd 2009 8:48PM Not cute. They could have done better.

Duggars Announce 19th Baby

Sep 1st 2009 7:37PM Too many is just too many, regardless of if they can afford to have all these kids. Children REQUIRE extra amounts of love and undevided attention from their parents and how can the mom and dad possibly devote enough time to each individual child? Their show on TLC clearly shows that the older kids do indeed end up most of the time taking care of the little ones. It's ironic that the family chose a reality show to make money but yet wont allow their kids to watch much tv and participate in other activities many kids enjoy these days. Also, Michelle having all these kids will catch up w her soon. Her heart will prob give out before she knows it because for all those pregnancies, it was working for 2 and has prob weakened by now. And lastly, for heaven's sake, their going to be grandparents soon....let their son enjoy the attention now. Put a cap on it Jim Bob.

Spoiled brat not happy with his 16th birthday present

Jul 7th 2009 9:28PM Looks staged to me....anything for 15 min of fame.

Lawsuit filed over KFC's botched grilled chicken giveaway

Jun 19th 2009 8:55PM I totally agree that KFC should be sued. Yes. its just chicken, but if KFC meant any good, they should have proactively made good on the coupons they did not honor and all the people they turned away. No one asked for free chicken, they as a large company chose the Oprah show to promote their new chicken and they should have been prepared for the response. Also, the website allowed you to print out up to 4 coupons, but I was only able to use one, being told the 2nd time that there was coupon fraud in my area and they are no longer honoring the coupons. Bunch a bull as far as I'm concerned because they should have also expected when they tell customers to PRINT out your OWN coupon, there might very well be some cheating going on. The offer was only for a limited time so therefore KFC should have definitely honored all coupons. I totally support the lawsuit and I think next time these BIG companies need to work out ALL and details BEFORE jumping on a national platform like Oprah to get business!!!!!

Albany, NY

Disinfecting your dishwashing sponge

Aug 26th 2007 2:36PM The writer of the sponge article says that they use their "retired"
sponge to clean counters. But since you needed to discard that
retired sponge, doesn't defeat the purpose of now using it for
counters since it will only just spread its old germs on the
counters? Duh!!!!

Disinfecting your dishwashing sponge

Aug 26th 2007 2:34PM The writer of the sponge article says that they use their "retired" sponge to clean counters. But since you needed to discard that retired sponge, doesn't defeat the purpose of now using it for counters since it will only just spread its old germs on the counters? Duh!!!!

Sprint Dumps Problem Customers

Jul 6th 2007 11:41PM I work for another cellular phone carrier and although we are very happy when customers join us, I do agree with that Sprint was forced to do. I understand that Sprint's service may not be that great, but there are those customers who have nothing better to do than call customer service for any freakin little thing (whether they are calling Sprint or any other business or company)and whine and complain for any little thing. These customers are habitual store visitors too and will come in and expect you to pamper and baby them and cater to their every need. These frequent pain in the butt customers who do call in so much don't even call in for anything legit. They are the ones usually calling in for nonsense that they can easily get the answers to if they simply took the time to read their phone manuals, bills or actually pay attention to the sales rep when they buy their service so they can remember disclosure items. They call in for crap like: "what's this 10 cent mandatory federal tax" or how do i turn up the volume on my phone, or how do i power my phone on.I wish my company would start firing some of the losers we get that call in all the time or visit stores all the time. They tie up valuable customer service time that could be used for legitimate concerns. These losers need to get a life!!!

Richard Gere in Hot Water

Apr 18th 2007 8:56PM Are you kidding me? I cant believe this nonsense gets worldwide attention when there are so many other life changing events going on in our world today......most recently, the Virginia Tech shootings. Furthermore, Gere is backing a humanitarian cause for India what most Indians wont do for their own poor citizens. Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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