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Karen Bruneau

Karen Bruneau

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Mezuzah Case: Condo Association Bylaw vs. Jewish Practice

Mar 29th 2012 6:27PM If an object is allowed on the front door, the association should allow an object on the doorframe

Santa Monica Latest City to Fight to Get Circumcision Ban on Ballot

Jun 6th 2011 7:28PM I always thought that circumcision was a Jewish ritual. My husband was never circumcised nor any of his brothers. One of his brothers (at age 45) had a health issue and the doctor recommended he be circumcised. When I read up on the information, I found out that not only does it keep the private area much cleaner, it also deferred testicle cancer. It also supposedly enhances sexual performance. When our baby boy was born, my husband and I discussed whether we should have him circumcised. We decided to have that procedure done. We are NOT jewish. Our decision was based on his overall health in the future.

Mother of 'Genderless' Baby Storm Speaks Out

May 31st 2011 6:59PM keeping the gender of that adorable baby secret? Ahhh...hmmm...those parents sound like an UPDATED HIPPY couple. All ya have to do is look when it's time for a diaper change to determine what the sex of that baby is (But, I they even take proper care of that baby to ensure "IT" is receiving the best love, nuturing care from "ITS" parents? Maybe that couple needs to be invesigated thoroughly to determine if THEY are fit parents. What a way for another SICKO to grab attention. I treasured the birth of my children, female and now those parents are calling their own child an "IT'? That is just what they are doing, that baby is labeled an "IT". I label those sicko parents..."NUT CASES"

Tension Rising Between 'Bonus Mom' LeAnn and Eddie's Ex?

May 9th 2011 5:19PM Actually I do like the name Bonus Mom. I grew up with a so called "STEP MOTHER". She was a very mean, pscho person. I married a man that had two boys from his previous marriage.(I was single, no children of my own and 23 yrs old. I refused to be a bad STEP MOTHER. I always felt it was my place to make sure they were well taken care of since their "OWN" Mother did not. I am now 62 years old, and I never regreted taking care of them. Each family situation is different. Some are a bad "STOOPMOTHER", as I call it, or just a woman, that wanted to make sure that the children were well provided for. How life goes.

Makeover Diaries: A Slimmer, Smoother and Sexier New Me

Feb 13th 2011 5:03PM I am going to express my very bold comments here. Jael Gardiner was a very, lazy, FAT child.(Did her parents try to help her? or was it because Most teens are so arrogant, know it alls?) I believe she was just LAZY. She admitted she never wore makeup, never did her hair, and wore sweats. (EWW) She never took any pride in how she looked. She finally woke up and took control of her health. and now...WOW...looky looky...what a pretty girl she is

Denise Richards 'Heartbroken,' Wants Charlie Sheen to Get Help for Kids' Sake

Jan 28th 2011 6:13PM Don't any of you people think it is time Charlie Sheen grows up?

Linens 'N Things Purchase a Nightmare: Help Me, WalletPop!

Jan 7th 2011 12:39AM OOOPS I mistyped..I meant..10 ft

Linens 'N Things Purchase a Nightmare: Help Me, WalletPop!

Jan 7th 2011 12:38AM wow,,how so stupid..if an individual pays over 1 grand for an artificial lit 19 ft wreath is a moron. So much more is available, local nursery, a.c moore, michaels..what a dumb consumer that person is

Linens 'N Things Purchase a Nightmare: Help Me, WalletPop!

Jan 7th 2011 12:32AM When you ordered the wreath did they specify the exact measurements of the item? If they did..shame on you if it did not fit. But wait a house and garage measures over 60 feet wide. That ten foot wide wreath would look great on my house. Your were STUPID...READ the information of the product you were purchasing!! dumb nut

Mickey Rourke to Remove Front Teeth to Play Gay Rugby Player?

Jan 7th 2011 12:07AM What a "Dumb" snicker, all ya got to do is BLACK out the teeth to show you are a STUDPID TOOTHLESS MACHO ARSEHOLE....DUHHH


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