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Healthy Dinner Recipes

Sep 8th 2010 2:10PM Thanks to all for your ideas.
Is south beach low cal, low sodium, and low fat? We were on atkins for years. Our blood levels were great. Still had HA. Plaque from before atkins? atkins is bad? he cheated too much? blood levels don't mean all that much? nutritionist said we will never know. safest to stay low fat, etc. When we were on atkins we periodically had our kidney function checked...all was well. Go figure.

Healthy Dinner Recipes

Sep 6th 2010 2:39PM My husband just had a heart attack. How can I make low fat, low sodium, low calorie meals that are edible. I've gotten over trying for delicious, edible will do.

The Daily Fix: Remove Hard Water Stains

Jul 29th 2010 6:25PM The BEST cleaner for getting rusty brown stains from your toilet is SNO BOWL bathroom cleaner. It works in seconds and is less than $1.50 a big bottle.

Pop-Ed: Howard Stern Is the Only Choice To Replace Simon Cowell

Feb 14th 2010 2:24PM I think HS is a creepy, slimey, woman-hating pig. He love to demean women. He contantly puts people down and his mouth is as filthy as his mind.
HS on AI? Ewwwwwwww

Win Kinerase's Best-Selling Skin Saver

Nov 20th 2009 1:29PM The best beauty advice I ever got was actually in the form of a wake-up call regarding the sun. I always thought I was not damaging my skin by sunbathing, because I NEVER got a burn. When I was forty, a Dr. told me that your skin tans because it is damaged! Wish I had heard that one when I was 15!
I use Kinerase cream, which my daughter buys for me, and I love it.
Thanks for the opportunity to try something new.

GPS Buying Guide

May 24th 2008 8:02PM I have a Tom Tom Go 300. I love it. We have been across the US 4 times, and only twice did it screw us up. Got us right back on track, tho. Customer service is fantastic! I had a bad cord and they Fed Ex'd me one in two days!

Can We Get a Mute Button for Singing Shows?

Jul 31st 2007 1:51PM There wasn't any singing in Name That Tune, was there? I was a long time ago, but I just remember "I can name that tune in 5 (or four or three) notes" And then a piano playing the requisite number of notes. Am I miss-remembering? And...Josie: HUH?

Idol Transformations

May 20th 2007 8:27PM I liked Elliots overbite. I think the caps are WAY too big.
He would be adorable with braces. Takes a while, but it would have looked better.


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