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Hot Stat: Today's Homes Burn Faster Than Ever

Nov 9th 2011 5:52PM "...modern building materials like wallboard that can lead to faster fires." Where did they get this misinformation from? Wallboard ("Sheetrock") is fire-resistant and holds-up well in fires.

My Son Confessed That He's Tried Pot! Should I Punish Him?

May 15th 2011 10:33PM Putting aside one's stance on pot use, there is something wrong with using pot: it is currently illegal except, as you correctly pointed-out, in certain medicinal settings (getting an illegal prescription isn't one of them). If a cop were to catch this kid with pot, the kid would have a problem.

Treesje's Laura Darrah and Sheila Nazarian: From Bridesmaids to Business Partners

May 13th 2011 12:42AM They risked $2,000 of their own money; the rest came from their parents (as did their fashion industry contacts, not through networking). I doubt they would have been successful in this economy without their parents financial help and contacts in the fashion industry: can you imagine two twenty-somethings going for a bank loan to start a handbag company? What would they have used for collateral, $2,000?

Starbucks Jumps Burger King & Wendy's To Become No. 3 U.S. Restaurant Chain

Apr 28th 2011 3:35PM As far as chain restaurants, I'd take Panera or Cheeburger-Cheeburger over those listed.

'The Girl's Guide to Homelessness' Author Brianna Karp Offers Advice to Young People on the Streets

Apr 26th 2011 7:56PM TB: Meanwhile this girl took lemons and made lemonade, and is a published author. Do your kids have cable or the internet yet?

'The Girl's Guide to Homelessness' Author Brianna Karp Offers Advice to Young People on the Streets

Apr 26th 2011 7:46PM To those wondering why she didn't have money saved: if she graduated college at 21 and lost her job at 23, she made $100,000 before taxes. Let's be generous and say she had $60,000 after taxes. She had to pay rent, utilities, and food. Add on renters insurance, medical co-pays or insurance, and car insurance. Figure she had a student loan (almost impossible not to have unless your parents pay your way or you go to a public college). Call it $2,000 a month for 2 years...$48,000. $12,000 isn't much to live of off.

Teacher Allegedly Ties 5-Year-Old to Chair in Front of Class

Apr 26th 2011 4:12PM He is lucky to have only been tied to his chair. If I didn't stay seated at school and my mother found out, it would have been a long time before I was able to sit down in school or anywhere else. I'm glad spanking is no longer popular.

Mommie Dearest: The Worst Celebrity Parents in History

Apr 1st 2011 9:44PM Bing Crosby (who gave spankings that drew blood) and of course, OJ Simpson (who...well, you know).

America's Fastest-Growing Restaurants

Mar 16th 2011 11:44PM The burgers at Cheeburger-Cheeburger blow away Five more toppings are available and they have shakes.

Corey Feldman 'Gravely Disappointed' About Corey Haim Oscars Snub

Mar 1st 2011 4:56PM The "Remembering" segment should be all-inclusive. If there isn't enough time to include all the actors, they can certainly make room by eliminating the publicists, agents, directors, etc. Sad as deaths were, I'm sure most movie-goers didn't know who many of these people were; actors may have, but since the show is televised it meant for the movie-goers not the actors.


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