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Go green in your bathroom

Mar 5th 2008 8:59AM Great suggestions! I'm from New Zealand and they use low-flow toilets there. Seems like a better idea - saves a lot of water. Each toilet has a half-flush button and a full-monty-flush button, so you can always get enough flush power to meet your potty needs. A sensible way to save water, in my humble opinion... Wish it was that way in the US. Think of the water the whole country could save in one day!!

Baking soda: a cleaner of my choice

Mar 5th 2008 8:52AM This is such a great post! Okay, we are switching to eco-friendly cleaners, so I will definitely be trying the baking soda suggestions here, especially for cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen countertop. Oh, and I will try it for the oven, too. So thanks for the tips. Basically, the more I read about cleaning products, the more horrified I became when I realized what we are using around the house: toxic chemicals! So we have quit using all that stuff and are switching to eco-friendly products. It saves a lot of money if you can use home-made concoctions as you suggest here! For laundry, housecleaning, and body washes and shampoos as well. For laundry I have switched to Charlie's, which you can buy online. It's basically high grade washing soda and a couple other things, and it also works out very economical. But I'm getting off topic...

Grow this gigantic flower for only $5

Mar 3rd 2008 9:11PM Hi Judy. Hmm. That's a tough one. So you've tried all of the above? Including fertilizer? Could it possibly be the location? Too hot and sunny, perhaps? Or could you be putting it out too soon and it's too cold? I'm assuming you're not overwatering, because in that case the bulb would probably show signs of rot. I'm also assuming you're not underwatering because if you were there would probably be no signs of growth at all, yet you say that you do get foliage, just not flowers.

Okay, are you cutting off the flowers at the end of the growing season? If so, make sure you cut off only the flowers, not any of the foliage. Keep watering the foliage for as long as it thrives, until the end of the growing season. Also, are you sure you're not burying them too deeply?

Finally, where are you storing your bulb during the rest period? Did you know they should never be stored in refrigerators that are also used to store fruits, especially apples? Could that possibly be the problem?

That's about all I can think of!!
Good luck!

Avant Yard: Perfect pansies in 10 easy steps

Mar 3rd 2008 8:52PM Thanks, Bill. I will look for Mystic next time!

DIY with Mending Plates and Self Tapping Screws

Feb 27th 2008 8:32AM This is useful. Thanks! So you could use this method to repair lots of things, right? Any chance of a gallery next time? I'm slow and need lots of photos. :)

The Easy (and cheap) Way to Hang a Picture on a Brick Wall

Feb 26th 2008 1:30PM Brilliant. It would never have occurred to me to do this. Thanks!

Burbia: suburbs with attitude

Feb 26th 2008 12:31PM Thanks. He is the greatest. We LOVE him. And people admire him wherever we go. He's such a star!

Cleaning your sinuses

Feb 26th 2008 12:29PM This is so great. Thanks! A year ago I saw an allergist (long overdue visit) and he recommended the NeilMed kit. Tried it. OMG. I was horrified - so gross!! But over the months I've seen more buzz about nasal rinses in the media and I've kinda gotten over the shock of my first innocent experiment. So now I'm trying it again. Hoping it will give me some relief with the cold I have. It's definitely not grossing me out so much this time around. And if you bend right over and squeeze gently and slowly, you can avoid the awful mouth drainage experience. Shudder.

Baby Oil Uses - Unusual Uses

Feb 25th 2008 1:42PM Great suggestions, Anna! I will try the one for using baby oil to remove product stickers. That sticker residue drives me nuts!!

Clean vinyl siding the eco-friendly way

Feb 22nd 2008 5:19PM Hi Mary, Thanks for your message! What you're describing is probably just mold and mildew. Plain water and a scrubbing brush will probably remove that just as well as bleach, but without the environmental harm. :)


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