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Port Orange HOA Tells Residents Yard Statues Aren't Allowed

Apr 6th 2013 3:02AM Until you have lost someone it is hard to understand how significant symbols that remind you of them can be. Lots of mean spiritedness I don't understand.

Why Do Cats Stare?

Dec 17th 2011 8:53PM My cat stares at me when I am laying on the couch until I pick her up and hold her. It is mind control and it works.

7 Things That Drive Vets Crazy

Dec 17th 2011 7:24PM I guess one commentor didn't realize you said you had just taken the animal to the vet. I have had the same experience with a vet trying to charge for repeated unecessary exams. I also had this same vet office in Lake Dallas, Texas schedule my dog for surgery to remove half of her ear, saying that my dog had cancer without doing a pathology of the alleged cancerous "tumor". Luckily the surgery didn't happen and the cyst resolved on its own. My cat was diagnosed with stomach cancer or IBS by this same vet office and I was told she needed to be on steriods for life. But it turned out to be a reaction to a shot (best I can tell) and about 2 years later she is fine without the daily prescribed steroids. Asking questions of these vets and telling them no when necessary is a must!!!! I had a horrible (my opinion) vet in Arlington, Texas diagnose my dog with a torn ACL based upon poor quality x-rays that couldn't be used to diagnose much of anything, and try to schedule surgery for ACL repair. Turns out according to my dog's current vet the prior xrays were junk and the dog has hip and not ACL problems. The Arlington vet office also increased the fees for their exam when I wanted to send out an expensive thyroid test to a third party--rather than pay their inflated $300-$400 testing fee. They were definitely in it for the money, and didn't seem much interested in anything else. Some vet care absolutely costs more than human care, like dental care. According to a vet tech that claimed to have worked there, there is a dentist in the Flower Mound, Texas area charging in the $10k range for a root canal on a dog. He quoted me $2-$3k for an extraction of one tooth on one of my dogs. I have had good vets and an excellent dental vet (ironically also at the Arlington office) too, but even many of them hock their wares (food, bowls, brushes, vitamins, etc...). They also push brands like Science Diet products that are not necessarily the best food for your pet. Brands like Wellness have better ingredients to my eyes. So this article was not well received by me. I think the public needs more protection and to feel more impowered to ask questions and get second opinions when dealing with care of their pets.

Obese passenger forces neighbor on US Airways flight to stand for 7 hours

Nov 23rd 2011 7:33PM It seems like the airlines are caught in a catch 22. I'm no airline defender. But I have seen the outrage when an airline does try to remove a very large person from a seat or to charge them double at the gate. The large person is horribly humiliated. It would seem that if clear weight and girth guidelines were part of the purchase process, all this could be avoided. A simple application during the purchase process could ask whether you need one or one and a half seats (or two seats for that matter) and provide weight and girth guidelines to help the purchaser make the choice. When possible the airline should be required to put pairs of very large people in the same three seat section--each of whom paid for 1.5 seats. If no pairing is possible--the person would should have to pay for two seats on a full flight. That way no one gets embarassed, humiliated or inconvenienced and it is all done in advance.

Overweight Moms, Children Think They're Thinner Than They Really Are, Study Shows

Mar 24th 2011 2:29PM Believe it or not--it is not all about you and your aesthetic. The black spandex pants are comfy. That's why we wear them. Plus, they are the only thing clean on the last day before wash day. Further, who knighted you as a Brad Pitt or a Denzel look a like? Why do they ugliest males always want to bad mouth women? Oh yeah. Misdirection. Tomorrow just for variety the blue spandex and Vic I'll be thinking about you NOT! LOL

Ms. vs. Miss vs Mrs.: Are Women's Marital Status Titles Obsolete?

Mar 24th 2011 8:47AM You are exactly right. Me thinks the nay sayer doth protest too much. He is exactly the attitude that makes these titles so offensive. Why should the world address women by their marital status and not men? It is to indicate possession. A woman does not possess a man in the same way. His last name and title don't change upon marriage. Why not? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Ms. vs. Miss vs Mrs.: Are Women's Marital Status Titles Obsolete?

Mar 24th 2011 8:41AM I thought it was men who were more prone to forget their marital status. Why aren't we equally concerned about preserving their virtue or do they just wrap a rubber band around their wrists to remember? Perhaps that is where the confusion comes in--the rubber of remembrance gets wrapped around the wrong body part. At least that explains the pack of condoms in the glove box in Mister's car.

It is silly and antiquated. A woman's marital status and age is none of anyone's d*mn business and should certainly not be part of her title.

Walmart Losing Business, Looks to Retool

Feb 23rd 2011 8:45PM I don't know if you've noticed--but products from most places come from China. I tried to buy an American pillow top for my mattress and couldn't find one at Sears, Linens n Things, online, etc... Check your labels. I mean it is scary. Do we make anything in this country anymore?

Why Does Everyone Cheat on Elizabeth Hurley?

Feb 21st 2011 11:29AM Great article. They cheat and you write an article about what is wrong with HER. Give me a break.

Model Falls at Christian Siriano Fall 2011 Fashion Week

Feb 11th 2011 4:29PM She's lucky she didn't break an ankle or her neck! Look damned uncomfortable.


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