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Glenn Posner

Glenn Posner

Member Since Feb 26th, 2006

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Burt and Jeanne Metz of Queens Surprised With Rebuilt Home After Hurricane Sandy

Jan 13th 2013 1:30AM Thank goodness for insurance...Maybe we should stop paying our insurance dear and just expect people to make us whole again?

Homeowner Confronts Naked Intruder Choking Pet Rottweiler, Police Say

Jan 6th 2013 9:37AM Thank goodness the perp had excellent health insurance.

Homeless for the Holidays: 'I'm Thankful for Life Itself'

Dec 24th 2012 12:03PM Fear is a great motivator.

10 Tips For International Business Travel

Sep 16th 2012 9:25PM International travelers should consider selling their house and buying lots of life insurance before going to Samalia.

Kate Winslet's NYC Penthouse for Rent for $30,000 a Month (House of the Day)

Aug 23rd 2012 4:09PM It's nice but I would need at least 4 bedrooms.

Alleged Aurora Mass Shooter James Holmes Evicted for 'Substantial Violation of His Lease'

Aug 12th 2012 6:08AM You mean his lease prohibits booby trapping the apartment and killing people? What a restrictive lease. He should sue the owner citing conflict of interest.

Young Tourists Killed In Vietnam In A Tragic Mystery

Aug 10th 2012 4:23AM Why doesn't Viet Nam use this opportunity to promote tourism?

28 Climbers Summit K2 In One Day

Aug 10th 2012 3:37AM Any sanctions yet?


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