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Don't Sweat It! Reduce Indoor Humidity

Aug 7th 2010 7:57PM While I agree with the majority of what this article states, I do have a couple of issues with what it states. The first, and most egregious comment is the statement saying that the if the humidity is above 50% you have a problem with humidity. As a Commercial and industrial contractor (who started with residential homes) I know for a fact that the humidity levels are almost NEVER below 50% (45% is the lowest I've ever seen and that was in a building that had specialized equipment that cost over $100,000 to purchase). There is a special system called a "desert air system" that can get below those levels, the average homeowners have no need to spend that kind of money for that system. If you live in Florida, every building you go into to shop is somewhere between 50% & 60% relative humidity. The second comment that I disagree with is the statement instructing you to place the hygrometer in the bathrooms. If you place that device in those rooms, you will always record higher humidity levels (as much as 75% to 90% when the room has or is in use ... such as brushing teeth, taking showers, washing your faces) unless you read them when you first arrive home and no one has been there all day, or when you first get up. The best place to locate it to get a true measure is near you're return 9 the grill that sucks air into it, sometimes where the filter goes) or in a central hallway between the bedrooms and the main part of the home( living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens). this will give you a true reading of what is going on in your home. The statement I agree with the most is the fact that preventing damage from humidity is cheaper and better than trying to fix it afterward, for the health benefits and the expenses associated with those kinds of repairs. AC contractor in Orlando FL

Celebrities Don't Really Die in Threes ... Do They?

Jun 1st 2010 9:27PM Ronnie James Dio was the first of these 3 May 16 2010

The Bad Tip Follow-Up - What Can I Get You Folks?

May 26th 2010 10:09PM If you don't receive tips at your job it must be because you do not have a job that depends upon tips to make yor pay. I don't have a job that depends upon tips, however I haver eceived them nonetheless. Since you have not I believe that is because you're LOUSY attitude (as diplayed by your comment of NEVER tipping) shines through to your customers in one way or another and they therefore decided your not worth the time, effort, or expense!

Obama orders government to buy more GM cars!

Apr 11th 2009 6:44PM GM has been supplying the govt with vehicles for decades. Its not as if the big three did something wrong or stupid. The credit market froze up and WE THE PEOPLE quit buying them because we couldn't get the FINANCING for it because the GREEDY BANKERS screwed the pooch.

Rolling Stones Guitarist Buys Hendrix Axe for Girlfriend

Jan 12th 2009 9:28AM He is a ROLLING STONE and a member of FACES with Rod stewart the value of that guitar has tripled in value with the addittion of his initials. He is not the greatest guitarist but he is an accomplished guitarist in his own rights

RuPaul: Doing Double Duty -- With The Obamas

Dec 18th 2008 5:58PM Michelle Obama looks better as Rupaul obama than she does as herself!Barak too!

Georgia Lets Tweens Hunt Unsupervised

Nov 18th 2008 9:40PM Guns can't take a life with out a humans input. If we were to get rid of all guns tommorrow...tommorrow night there will be a mutlitude of deaths by cars, knives, tossed off of buildings, and a beating with bare hands.PEOPLE KILL that is our nature we have been killing ourselves for hundreds of thousands of years and guns have only existed for a couple hundred or less. You rarely hear of violent gun deaths in rural areas that livewith and use weapons as part of their lifestyles. You mostly hear about it in large urban areas where the children grow up with little or no respect for ANY authority figures (and actually race has nothing to do with the respect levels) so how could they ever have respect for an object with no respect for fellow human beings? The ostrich head in the sand mentality is one of the worst causes in my mind. Oh my Johnny didn't know what he was doing, it wasn't hisfault he killed his friend, it was the person that gave him the gun...which leads to him beating his girlfriend half to death and someone will say well it'snot his fault he beat her she shouldn't have hit her face with his hands while he's drunk and all doped up on crack!

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough

Nov 12th 2008 4:41PM Politicians are by nature liars....they will say what they believe you(the voters) want to hear regardless as to whether or not they plan to follow thru on those promises. The saddest part is everyone with reasonable amounts of intelligence and basic understandings of human nature KNOW that this is TRUE! but will not admit it to most people unless it supports their position or stance on a particular subject. ACORN the organization itself n theory is a good thing but I feel it has been corrupted as has been proven multiple times. We all know that particpants have been found guilty of voter fraud, and yet they are still operating with little to no oversight. As the recent economic crisis can support agency can truly self regulate with no oversight to ensure that laws, morals, and ethics are being followed not only to the letter but also following the intents of certain laws.
THe intent behind ACORN was to promote voter participation and hopefully give them a little understanding of the issues and candidates before they vote so they can vote as informed responsible productive citizens. But with out the proper balancing of power there will always be those that can point and say...look their cheating/lying/manipulating to support their believes and opinions. Why don't they make these groups bipartisan to force them to balance one another not just push one agenda?

Makeover needed: Hunting

Oct 23rd 2008 3:13PM Unfortunately that just shows the poor manners and intelligence of those you were with those days. A true hunter (that is worth anything) will be more humble and sympathetic to what they are shooting than they would be to most people.
Having grown up with weapons in my home from the time I can first remember, and yearly hunting trips I couldn't wait until I was old enough to go( you had to be 12yrs old to get a hunting liscense) but first I had to take a safety and regulation test (to get a license) that was harder than the Drivers test. The last point I want to make is that during my entire childhood I knew where the weapons were at all times... and no they were not locked up...and yet we never once had an accident of any sort with the weapons...this applied to all of my friends as well and their friends too! And I was born in the 70's and grew up in the 80's...what the hell happened to the kids since then?


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