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Airline Booking Agent Tells All In Online Q&A

Jun 19th 2012 4:37PM I so agree with you Jay. I felt that to be very wrong.

Bernanke: Fed Should Help Turn Foreclosures Into Rentals

Jan 5th 2012 6:13PM Pam, Yes, I have manners, but when I see a pig, I call a pig. You claim I am mean, yet you find that it is okay to destroy the property prior to leaving the home and you don't find that to be mean or pig like? You claim you understand why people destroy the property, but I just cannot understand that, if it is not yours. You did not mention in your first post that you had bought the appliances, so I would obviously be unaware of such,as so often these are included in the purchase of new homes, so I do apologize for that, but taking other things that was included in the house, is just not acceptable. When you find that it is wrong to destroy the property, I will no longer think you to be a pig. I can give it right back to you...didn't your parents teach you it is wrong to damage property that is not yours. Just like taking something that goes with the house is stealing...they should have told you it is wrong to do that too.

Emily Maynard and Brad Womack Are Officially Over

Jun 29th 2011 10:50AM Well, "dumbing down JohnBoy", you too, have clicked onto the article and even took the time to post!! Hmmmm....what does that say for you too?

'CSI' Star Gary Dourdan Arrested on Suspicion of DUI and Drug Possession

Jun 14th 2011 12:24PM Yes Janet, you are correct. Was shot on the last show of the season, that of being right after he had been arrested the first time. Though I had hoped that we would just be wondering during their time off and we would find him waking up in the hospital when the new season began again, I knew in my heart that they just wrote him out of the show. What a shame, as I really liked him a lot and can't seem to get back into watching the show without him.

Balloon Boy Parents Want to Auction 'Flying Saucer' for Japanese Relief

Jun 2nd 2011 3:26PM What a crock of crap. These people need to go away. Should donating the money be a genuine gift, why not give it to the US with all the distruction from disasters that has happened here. Who gives a rat's A, if she is from Japan. If she wants to help them out, she needs to get her butt over there and do something. She lives here now and the US should be her priority, vs Japan. Hope they don't get a dime for it.

How to Save on Gas as Prices at the Pump Climb

Feb 25th 2011 3:53PM say we are lucky, as yours rose 19 cents in one day. If you take $3.19 that I paid for it and 3 hours later, it rose to $3.39....that makes 20 cents in a matter of a few hours. Doesn't sound lucky to me and more than your increase!!! None of us are very lucky when it comes to paying for gas.

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris Set Wedding Date

Feb 24th 2011 5:54PM Sandy, it amazes me that you actually think this gal is looking for love and attention. That man is old enough to be her Great Grandfather, not just a grandfather. He is 60 years older than her, and attention and love is so far down the list of what she is wanting from him. If you believe it is something other that Dollar Signs in her eyes, you are a crazy one.

How to Pay Off Your Home Faster in Five Steps

Feb 24th 2011 12:33PM We all have to do what works best for us. Personally, I do not like to have automatic payments taken from my account, as I want the control of paying it when I want (Before the payment is due) and the amount I want. I had biweekly payments at one time, but the bank held the first payment until the 2nd was received and made up the full payment amount, which obviously doesn't help on that interest. I stopped that immediately. I don't like a payment withdrawn from my account, as there will be times that your due date falls on a weekend, they won't take the dollars until Monday, and you will then be late, though not with late charge, but still late. I find what is best for me, is to round up the payment each month, depending on my bills. It may be as little as about $5.00 and can be as much as a hundred or so. The extra goes toward the principal and I can see a significant difference at the end of the year and in a few years time, it's great. The same goes with me, with not having an escrow for taxes and insurance. I pay my own.

Taxpayer Rights: What You Need to Know If You Get Audited

Feb 22nd 2011 9:50AM If the Gvmnt didn't take their taxes up front, I'm sure that they aren't going to be on your list to pay once you get your full check. You might be paying state tax on those things you want to buy, but not any Fed taxes on that. Just what is your plan for them getting Fed dollars from the Citizens?

Nacho Cheese Leads to Disney Suit

Feb 12th 2011 7:48PM You are right ... When will it ever stop? People feel the need "to make something happen", just in order to sue. I am so sick of it. First of all, the people claim the kid "grabbed" the tray. Teach your kid manners and he won't be "grabbing" and causing a problem. Cheese can be hot, but permanent scarring? How do they know it will be permanent if it happened in March. That is less than a year ago. The kid is young and time will heal. My grandson had his face fried off by airbags (prior to the warning) and couldn't see for a several days either. It was very gross with the skin peeled off and the face swollen. If a kid can go through all that at no fault of his, the other better get over bit of cheese on his face, when he caused it. Kids get burnt, hurt, and so on with mishaps throughout their life. The kid and the parents better buck up and get a spine. One doesn't have to sue over it each and every time. Just money hungry scum. Oh...and I was caught in "It's a Small World" at Disney years back for almost 2 hours. Ha....I have that dang song still going through my head....but, I did not sue. These people that sue for stupid stuff are nothing but a piece of crap.


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