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How much does an American Girl doll really cost?

Oct 13th 2010 12:53PM As a great grandmother of three delightful little girls, I find it most refreshing to find a doll that has neither boobs nor "other equipment" ...I am teaching all of my grandchildren to sew, and this doll is just the right size to sew for; neither too big nor too small as the Barbies were when my own girls were this age. I also make outfits for AG and sell them for no more than $5.00 each, and know several other retirees who also sew them..At Christmas time I donate several "sets" of clothing to local charities. A delightful way to use up remnants and spread around a little cheer. There are AG "wannabes" out there for those who find the price a bit steep...

Cheap Trick: Keep Garden Tools in a Coffee Can

May 19th 2010 3:28PM The 5 qt. ice cream buckets are handy for these uses also, and have a handy handle to use as well. I buy green yarn whenever I find it at garage sales, and put in in an ice cream bucket with a hole in the lid for the yarn to exit and another to stick a pair of old scissors in...This makes tying up my peonies and other perennials fast and easy as well as cheap....

The Cat and the Pete

May 18th 2007 11:21AM You want me to do WHAT in there?


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