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'Project X' Copycat Revelers Allegedly Wreck $500,000 Home

Mar 15th 2012 3:55PM The empty huses, the job market, a new movie that's out...really??? Gee, seems to me the PROBLEM is with teens who just do whatever they want with total disregard to others and their property! Send those kids t jail and for a while too! Send the parents in to help FIX these homes and make them pay for 100% of ALL damages!!! Maybe even put those "kids" in a work program that's 8 hours a day 5 days a week until they pay off their share!!! They can't keep ANY monues earned, only hours worked for parts for fix the homes period!!! Be VERY strict with both these parents and homes!!!!!! In NO WAY is this the fault of the new moive, the lack of jobs or anythong other than the KIDS THEMSELVES and their PARENTS for not raising them right and leaving them to their own devices!!!!!

Texas Family Wins Fight Against HOA to Keep Pet Kangaroo

Mar 6th 2012 8:42AM Noooo, there's no way a kangaroo would EVER take a small swipe with their front claws and open the midsection of that young lady from her chest to her belly button letting her insides fall to the floor! Don't for one second even THINK these animals are nothing but cuddle and nice! These animals DO have good weapons to live in the wild!!! What? you think they just out jump everything and have no way of defending themsevles?!?!?!

Vet's Widow and Son Receive Gift of a Lifetime

Dec 20th 2011 8:57AM Mr. Dan Wallrath, you are without a doubt a great American and a better man! These things you do for the vets and their families is truly wonderful! Personaly, I hope your business profits go out of sight this next year and years to come! I truly believe that our good deeds come back to us in some way two fold. Whatever happens, you are a good man who truly knows what it means to give and to give to people who honestly deserve! Thank you Dan Wallrath for being who you are, a truly good man and a great American! God Bells you sir!

Restaurant Bans Young Children

Jul 12th 2011 6:07PM What BS!!! No, not because this place is banning young kids but rather because it's come to that at all! If "parents" would actually PARENT their kids, this kind of ban wouldn't have happened at all!!! In todays times, so many of these so-called "parents" do nothing to their kids, letting them cry throwing some kind of tanturm becuase they hapen to want something. Then and God forbid, soemone actually SAY SOMETHING to these so-called parents they get all bent out of shape saying "they are kids, it's how kids act" or something just as stupid. No, I don't blame this guy at all, I'm actually very happy he's got the balls to do it! One more thing, it doesn't matter what kind of place it is either! Be it McDonalds or a really nice place, parents should keep their kids under control or LEAVE with them...PERIOD!!! Of course, kids will be kids, cry and carry on only when that DOES HAPPEN and it happens to all parents, take them OUTSIDE, away from all the others who are PAYING to sit and enjoy their food, yes even in McDonalds!

Photos: Celebrities Working Out, Getting in Shape

Jul 2nd 2011 8:41AM As you might have guessed or maybe not, me and the Lisa I refer to haven't spoken in a very long time. So, if this happens to be you (my darlin, she'll know exactly who I am if I call her that) then contact me, you know how. If you're not her, just happen to have the smae name well...I'm sorry for this post? lol

Photos: Celebrities Working Out, Getting in Shape

Jul 2nd 2011 8:20AM Totally agree with you 100% LisaM! Funny thing, the post I made below was before I read yours. Thing is, who I refer to in my post has the same name as you do, down to the M : )

Photos: Celebrities Working Out, Getting in Shape

Jul 2nd 2011 8:15AM Stars??? please! lol For me, the most beautiful lady I've EVER seen is, you guessed it, MY lady first thing in the morning, standing there sleep-eyed, in her P-J's, hair a wreck, no make-up at all! She's truly a goddess!!! Yup, she's says I'm nuts for thinking that way about her but it is what it is! I sure don't need some person on the TV to look at or dream about that's for sure! Maybe, just MAYBE it's becuase I know her to the bone and she's an amazing person. Love someone like that it's a given, they are without a doubt the most beautiful thing you've EVER seen or ever will see!

Surviving a Family Road Trip: Top 5 Tips

Jul 2nd 2011 7:01AM Good for you! Good luck with your upcoming road trip with your grandson, I'm sure he'll LOVE IT! On ce he gets to sit "up front" in the grown-up seat he's going to love it as well I have no doubt. Maybe even bring that part of the trip up a while before you leave so he can look forward to being up there? Hell, you're probably going to have to figure a way to let the little man down easy by telling him He's been talking sinse your left the Cali state line!! lol Your trip sounds fantastic and good for you and HIM! He's got a great "Papa" that's for sure!

Surviving a Family Road Trip: Top 5 Tips

Jul 2nd 2011 6:54AM Plan everything...? Seriously??? Hell, I thought that is one of the MAIN reasons for going on a vacation, go get away from everything that's "planned" in our lives day in and day out! Sure, we all have our places/things we're going on vacation for but good Lord, don't "plan" every freaking minute of your time away! When I was a youngin and we took off someplace, we didn't act up very much in the back seat, dad wouldn't allow it PERIOD! Maybe if "parents" were to be real PARENTS and draw that line in the sand then their kids wouldn't HAVE to be entertained ALL THE TIME! Have FUN just being together!!! If someone sees something while flying down the interstate they'd like to see, take a little time and GO SEE IT! Never know but you'll probably have a real good time yourself looking at the biggest ball of yarn in the world too! lol If nothing else at least you'll enjoy the actual FUN the kid(s) are having becuase mom and dad decided to go ahead and do that four letter word, NO, not that one I mean to STOP! It's not some damn race across 6 states to get to some water park ya know, ENJOY the travel time by enjoying the company you're FINALLY with!!! Let the kids be KIDS and hell, be a KID yourself for a little while! Just don't let them monsters in the back seat forget who's the parent and who's NOT! You might even find you like those little people that you live with? Who knows, stranger things have happened. : )

Single Charlie Sheen Ditched by Remaining Goddess

Jun 27th 2011 5:58PM He'll have another one take her place very soon. Say all you like about this guy, and Lord knows there is plenty one can say, but one thing is for damn sure. He without a doubt a few bricks shy and given that FACT, what does it say for all the females he can and WILL have in his life? LOL All these females talking garbage about him and rightly deserved, there's only ONE Charlie but COUNTLESS females willing and able to take his arm...or whatever else they can get their hands on lmao


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