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Princess Cottage, Hurricane Sandy Symbol, Torn Down in Union Beach, N.J.

Dec 24th 2012 10:56AM The party's over for those who want to live near the water. The deadly combination of Global Warming and mother nature's wrath cannot be beat. Here in Massachusetts, there are towns along the coast that have now become uninsurable. So, if you sell your home, it has to be all cash because the banks are refusing to provide 30 year mortgages on homes that have a 10% of being here 30 years from now, and of course, banks don't give mortgages to property that can't be insured. Rebuilding is almost senseless because beach erosion is the future and the Army Corp of Engineers have stopped replinshing the sand as awaste of time and money.

How To Avoid Looking Like A Tourist

May 30th 2012 1:32PM One more thing. Never, ever, go out drinking, especially if you are a female. Drunk tourists are not just robbery victims but are also sexual assault victims.

Bank Sues Couple for Title Typo They Didn't Make

Jan 10th 2012 9:05PM That's no big thing. The bank isn't sueing for damages. It's only to get the former owners to sign a quit claim deed correcting the original documents. In every closing in every jurisdiction since about 1850, a statement is in the paperwork that the new owners agree that if a error is found that they agree to assist in correcting it.

The Minor Threat: Age-Restricted Communities Evicting Children

Jan 8th 2012 1:04PM Unless that community is totally self sufficient from any government benefit i.e. has it's own police, fire, water supply etc, Federal law forbids anyone from enforcing any rule or agreement to limit that child's civil rights. The HOA better think long and hard on how far they want to take this. This is what multimillion dollar law suits are made of.

FHA Loan Limit Raised, Despite Opposition

Nov 18th 2011 4:50PM This isn't an issue. The $729,000 limit represents such a small number of home mortgages that it's not worth getting excited over. I think I read that it's less than 1/2 of 1% of all mortgages.

House of the Day: The Skinny on Malibu's Broad Beach

Oct 25th 2011 1:29PM It's a beautiful house,.....except for the awful furniture, no doubt, provided by a boring self styled, over priced, over bearing interior decorator. The house interior looks like it has pergo floors instead of real hard wood and the furniture does it such a disservice it's hard to look past the tasteless crap. Make the house have an ounce of character. It's been around for over 60 years, surely the real estate "stages" have some sense of style to reflect it's location and big windows are not enough. Even by LA.s' incredibly low standards, this place stands out,...but not in a good way.

New Credit Score Will Tell Lenders More About You

Oct 21st 2011 1:36PM I'm beginning to hate what America's become. Unless you are one of the top 1% you're just another small insignificant bug in the big financial world where you're on your own without any safety nets or government to protect you. This is going to lead to some very ugly social upheavals sooner or later and I'm betting on sooner. New credit scores means they know more and more about you and there is less and less you can do about it. Your life is an open book, get used to it.

Parents Upset After School Yearbook Lists George W. Bush, Dick Cheney as Worst People of All Time

Jun 2nd 2011 5:39PM I agree with the names on the list but not the order. Isn't this prepared by the students themselves? Too bad if the parents don't like it.

Jeff Conaway's Family Demands Autopsy

Jun 1st 2011 9:24AM How unnecessary. Make the family pay for the autopsy. These procedures costs several thousand dollars and since he was attended by a physician at the time of death, inside a medical facility, it's not only expensive but useless. This isn't the time for the sisters to express concern. They had 60 years to help this drug and alcohol abuser and they are a little late to the game.


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