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DIY Warrior: How to Clean an Oscillating Fan

Jul 5th 2010 1:53AM Barbara
Compressor @ 120 PSI + Blow Gun Tip = NO dust (caked on or not) :-)
I clean my 4 Fans every fall and spring with this method.
Amazing at what comes flying out of them

Why the Bush debt-recession will topple Clinton's equity-recession

Jan 23rd 2008 1:51PM JJP our country was actually founded by humanists.
They were trying to escape the tyranny of European religion (Hence the seperation of church and state)
The religious crap was added in later.
These "god fearing" men wanted a land where they could sell their whiskey free of the queens taxes.
But hey maybe Jaysusss will help us out of our financial mess.........praise GAWD

Chicken and Kittens

May 25th 2007 3:07PM Hmmmmm......... lots of chicken poop?
Unlike say a Litter Box!
What about the chicken dealing with the kitten poop?
Obviously mama cat chose to have her kittens in an area that was the warmest and driest she could find.
Something tells me all of these animals have found a good home.


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