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C. Branhm

C. Branhm

Member Since May 26th, 2007

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More Bad News for 'Life Unexpected': 'Complete Series' DVD Gets Release Date

Dec 6th 2010 2:14PM Who's bumb idea was it to cancell life unexpected.
when that show goes I'm gone and hope you loose all your viewers..
don't cancell it

How to tell if your child is a bully

Apr 2nd 2010 2:03PM I don't know what all the beef about Sarah Polin is about. The only thing wrong with her is she is a republican.
She has looks, and class . Those that bitch about her are jealous,
blind or just plain stupid. Running with someone else other than John McCain would have been a landslide

Katie Couric vs. Diane Sawyer: Who Will Be The Ratings Winner?

Dec 22nd 2009 6:58AM You just can't please some people reguardless the ones that have comments about Katie and Sawyer are your typical Cant please people that want their name on the front page. Palin is a very nice and deserving VP canidate. If she had been running the President instead of VP, she would have won hands down the same goes for Dianne Sawyers The best and will draw the top attendance.CB

Bee Sting Causes Reporter to Unleash Cavalcade of Cursing

Sep 2nd 2009 10:09AM It's pretty obvious you don't know bees
bees won't sting unless they are crushed
You tangled with a yellow jacket they attack
anytime you are near them, the swatting motion only makes it worse.
Give the bees a break, most of the stings are from yellow jackets.

The Videologists Will Be Gone Til Tuesday

May 26th 2007 8:17AM Rosie is a lesie and it takes one to know one
thats why she went to Rosie.


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