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Biggest Grocery Store Markups: The Worst Deals in the Aisles

Feb 20th 2011 2:21PM Hmmmmmm ........ doesn't it make sense that if they REDUCED the price on perishable foods, i.e. meats, that they would sell more and not have as much spoilage and therefore, not so much of a loss in their profits? Am I missing something here??

Video: Ken Block crashes his Ford Focus RS

Nov 13th 2010 2:49PM "Stomach churning" ?????? I think not.

Look for Less - Katie Couric

Oct 28th 2010 9:38PM Whoa! I can't believe all the bad stuff being said about Katie! I never liked her myself - always found her kind of dowdy and I was never able to comprehend what the big deal was about her - - but never dreamed anyone else felt the same way. I'm relieved that I am not alone.

Five things to know when planning a Washington, D.C. vacation

Oct 25th 2010 10:56PM I also think McLean sounded a little snotty and bitter. We visit DC frequently while in our time share in Old Town Alexandria. The Metro is fantastic and the first time we used it we were confused - but found the people so friendly and helpful. We're old pros now but still need to ask a question or two either about the metro or while in DC - no problem. As far as what to wear? Come on! You'll find all sorts of garb there just like everywhere else - who cares - just be sure to wear comfortable shoes - and enjoy a totally fascinating city. We're going back at Thanksgiving and can't wait!

Men More Attracted to Long, Shapely Arms Than Legs, Poll Finds

Sep 30th 2010 3:22PM I have NEVER laughed so hard at the comments on this subject. Keep them coming! (I can't beieve that men like arms, and long ones at that!, better than what you might expect (breasts, legs, etc.) Who did this survey and who (or what) was surveyed? Gorillas? ha ha ha

Julia Roberts Rocks a Boho Bikini

Aug 30th 2010 11:39PM Have to agree with Judie - loved Julia's bikini - but her thighs look big and she doesn't really have nice legs. Picky, picky, picky..........

What Are the Summer Outfits You Hate Seeing Guys Wear?

Jul 2nd 2010 5:24PM Come on people - I think intelligent women realize that men need to wear the steel toe boots, cut-offs, sleeveless shirts, etc. as part of their job. It's when men wear these "'work clothes" ......... when they are not at work that is the problem. Yikes!!!

How to Score a Younger-Looking Body in Days, Plus an Olay Giveaway!

Jul 1st 2010 11:34PM I'm 70 years old and very lucky that I don't look it. I always had oily skin and even now, do not have dry skin. But let's face it, this can't go on forever! ha ha I would love a free trial of Olay Special Effects as I really like Olay products and have used many over the years. Hope you pick me!

Energy Savings: Kitchen Appliances

Jun 21st 2010 11:47AM Whoa! I thought using a dishwasher (full of course) was more energy efficient than washing them by hand! Now your saying to be MORE energy efficient, wash them by hand instead! HUH?

Avoiding Check-In Fees

Jun 5th 2010 3:56PM I haven't flown in years - and after reading all the comments about baggage, I HOPE I NEVER, EVER, HAVE TO FLY IN ANOTHER PLANE AS LONG AS I LIVE! I am completely disgusted with the whole baggage thing - and how people just won't follow the rules - as awful as they are - which makes it always so hard for those who do. Our son and his kids are flying this summer - he doesn't know what he is in for. He is going to freak out for sure!


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