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Clean Carpets -- Spring Cleaning Guide

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A great way to start fresh when spring cleaning -- clean the carpet. Why not start from the bottom up?

Want to know how? We've compiled all the tips and videos you need for clean carpets in every room of your house.

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In every household, spills and accidents happen. Muddy feet, grape juice, gum, and ketchup are all the arch-enemies of clean carpets. And if you have pets, it gets even worse. But don't give up! There's help...

Deep Clean a Dirty Carpet for a Fresh, New Look
Rule number one: Anytimes something drops or spills, clean up that stain immediately! If the carpet absorbs too much of it, it will become more difficult to get out. Alas, even if you are extra vigilant, over time these little stains start to add up and your clean carpets end up looking dingy and worn out. No matter how much your scrub, blot or vacuum, you might never get out that last bit of stain or that stinky cat smell.

But there is a solution: Deep cleaning your carpets will give it a tidy look and a fresh smell. Get all the deep-clean details for your carpeting.

Candle Wax Solutions for Clean Carpets
If you have candle wax stuck on your once-clean carpet, fret no more. We have what you need to be oh-so clean again.

First, remove any excess wax that you can without disturbing the carpet pile. Cut a paper grocery bag to make a flat surface large enough to fully cover the spill, and place over the wax. With a warm (not too hot!) iron, press down on the bag and move in small circles. The wax should liquefy, creating a grease-like stain that will appear on the bag. Continue moving the bag to a new clean area, and then repeat until all of the wax attaches itself to the bag.

Check out additional candle wax removal tips so that you ensure a wax-free carpet! And be sure to watch this video that gives you the step-by-step:

And if your once-clean carpet has been threatened by the worse offense, read on. Because we have information on...

Gum in Your Carpet
Maybe it's from the bottom of your shoe, or brought in by the family pet -- either way, we know you don't want to see it. We know with all of those rumors running around about how to remove gum from your carpet -- more gum! Peanut butter! -- it can be hard to know exactly what to do. But worry no more: You can save your carpet from being a gummy mess and have clean carpets once again! The clip below has all the info:

See what else we have in store for spring cleaning from how to clean windows to how to vacuum.


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