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  2. List of car brands - Wikipedia

    List of car brands This is an incomplete list of every brand (also known as make or marque) of car ever produced, by country of origin, which has an article on Wikipedia. Names should not be added unless they already have an article. Some are from manufacturing companies that also use their company name as a brand name; others are from subsidiary companies or divisions, or are products of ...

  3. List of automobile manufacturers of the United States - Wikipedia

    The currently active brands from the "Big Three" manufacturers (Ford, General Motors and Stellantis) are shown below. Founded in 1899 as 'Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company' and acquired by General Motors in 1908. Founded as Henry Ford Company in 1901, renamed to Cadillac following Henry Ford 's departure in 1902. Acquired by General Motors in 1909.

  4. Tesla, Inc. - Wikipedia,_Inc.

    Tesla was incorporated in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning as Tesla Motors. The company's name is a tribute to inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. In February 2004, Elon Musk joined as the company's largest shareholder; in 2008, he was named chief executive officer. In 2008, the company began production of its first car model, the Roadster sports car, followed by the ...

  5. General Motors - Wikipedia

    General Motors ( GM) [2] is an American multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, United States. [3] The company is most known for owning and manufacturing four automobile brands, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and Buick.

  6. List of automobile manufacturers - Wikipedia

    Automobile manufacturers are companies and organizations that produce motor vehicles. Many of these companies are still in business, and many of the companies are defunct. Only companies that have articles on Wikipedia are included in this list. The list is sorted by country of origin.

  7. Audi - Wikipedia

    The company name is based on the Latin translation of the surname of the founder, August Horch. Horch, meaning 'listen', becomes audi in Latin. The four rings of the Audi logo each represent one of four car companies that banded together to create Audi's predecessor company, Auto Union. Audi's slogan is Vorsprung durch Technik, which is translated as 'Progress through Technology'. [10] Audi ...

  8. List of Ford vehicles - Wikipedia

    List of Ford vehicles Ford Motor Company sells a broad range of vehicles under the Ford marque worldwide. The following list does not include other marques owned or formerly owned by Ford, such as Lincoln, Mercury, Edsel and Merkur .

  9. List of current automobile marques - Wikipedia

    See also List of automobile manufacturers List of automobile marques List of current automobile manufacturers by country Timeline of motor vehicle brands Automotive industry in the United Kingdom List of car manufacturers of the United Kingdom List of Asian automobile manufacturers List of Eastern European automobiles

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    related to: cars company name