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  2. The 16 Best Places to (Discreetly) Buy Sex Toys Online in 2022

    15. Amazon. Discretion is just one of the benefits of shopping for your sex toys at Amazon. Here, you can find an array of prices, toy types and get everything you order in just a couple days (or ...

  3. List of maritime disasters in the 20th century - Wikipedia

    Castillo de Olite – On 7 March, near Cartagena Harbor while approaching the docks, it was hit by three 381mm rounds from a coastal battery and sank soon afterwards broken in two. Of the 2,112 men on board, 1,476 died, 342 were wounded and 294 were taken prisoner after being rescued by local fishermen and the lighthouse keeper. 1,476 Naval 1938

  4. Australian contribution to the Battle of Normandy - Wikipedia

    In addition, No. 455 Squadron took part in several attacks on E-boats operating near Normandy as well as German shipping travelling through the English Channel. No. 460 Squadron and Australians in other Bomber Command units also participated in raids on E-Boat bases at Le Havre and Boulogne on the nights of 14/15 June and 15/16 June respectively.

  5. Shop the secret deals only available for Amazon Prime ... - AOL

    Updated May 29, 2024 at 7:23 AM. Shop the secret deals only available for Amazon Prime members — starting at just $8. An Amazon Prime membership can boast some serious perks, among them free two ...

  6. Sniffies - Wikipedia

    Sniffies is a map-based hookup web app for gay, bisexual, and bicurious men. The website features a map that shows the approximate locations of nearby users who are currently active or have recently been active on the platform. The map also shows the locations of groups and popular meeting places in the user's area.

  7. Shop the secret sale section available only to Amazon Prime ...

    Fesnne Night-Light, 2-Pack. $18 $27. Save $9 with Prime. Instantly brighten up a dim bathroom, hallway or bedroom with this set of two night-lights that plug into the wall. Unlike most night ...

  8. Malta - Wikipedia

    The two official languages are Maltese, the only Semitic language in Europe and the European Union, and English. The country's capital is Valletta. With a population of about 519,000 over an area of 316 km 2 (122 sq mi), Malta is the tenth-smallest country by area and the fifth most densely populated sovereign state.

  9. Lands' End's Memorial Day swim sale extended: Save up ... - AOL

    So, using the code: EXTENDED, you'll get 50% off your order (online only) plus an additional 10% off all swim and free shipping if you spend over $50. If you've been toying with a swimsuit refresh ...